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Virus or malware?
Fix it yourself

The FixMeStick makes a difficult solution both simple and cheap. It lets you find and remove persistent viruses and malware that gets past regular virus scanners yourself.

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Is your PC getting slower?

An increasing number of viruses are infesting the Internet. 250,000 new viruses appeared every day in 2014. If you're not careful, your bank account will be drained, you'll lose all of your pictures and your computer will no longer be any good.

Virus and malware increase


The FixMeStick gets them all

Viruses and malware: what are we talking about exactly?

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windows 10

  • Computer virus

    infects files and often causes damage.

  • Trojan horse

    presents itself as something else, but is e.g spyware.

  • Spyware

    sends your user information to third parties.

  • Ransomware

    restricts access to your data and demands a ransom to remove the restriction.

  • Rootkit

    software that gives hackers access to your computer.

  • Scareware

    shows fake threats and solves them in exchange for payment.

  • Adware

    infects computers with advertisement software and produces pop-ups.

  • Boot sector viruses

    infects the boot sector of hard drives or disks.

  • Backdoor

    provides access to your computer or program.

  • Computer worm

    spreads to other computers on the network and causes damage.

  • Dialer

    connects modems to an expensive telephone number.

  • Keylogger

    records your keystrokes, mouse movements and websites visited.

Brace yourself, there's more.Clear screen

You can fix it yourself

The FixMeStick saves you time, your nerves and money. You don't need to have an expensive expert over or haul your computer to the repair shop and make do without it for a week. And no, you don't need to bother the family whizz-kid either. Just plug the FixMeStick into your computer's USB port and the rest takes care of itself.

Fix it yourself for €59,-

That's right!
A different approach.

Unlike regular virus scanners, the FixMeStick boots in its own environment, which ensures that viruses and malware aren't running. As soon as it downloads the latest updates from the internet, it can detect and remove even the latest viruses.

Start approaching viruses differently

Fixed in three steps


Plug it in and click on Run FixMeStick


The FixMeStick reboots in its own environment


Go do something else in the meantime. Ready? Follow the instructions.

Found out enough already? Or would you like to know more?

Virus scanners have a structural problem. They need a running operating system (such as Windows or OSX) to work, just like the viruses and malware they are combating. This makes various kinds of viruses and malware elusive. Two examples:

Roaming viruses
These viruses are constantly on the move while Windows or OSX is running. They are all but out of reach at this moment.
Hidden viruses
These are hidden in the Windows or OSX critical system files. Virus scanners can't fight the infected files because they're running as the antivirus software is scanning.

The FixMeStick doesn't need Windows or OSX to run, since it has its own operating system. This enables it to clean the infected computer effectively. The operating system isn't running, which means the viruses aren't running either and can therefore be easily detected and eliminated.

Order the FixMeStick for € 59,-

Three minds know more than one.

The FixMeStick works with three renowned virus scanners operating in different time zones. This ensures that the FixMeStick always gets the latest virus updates.

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List of all the benefits

  • Gets rid of the most persistent viruses, malware, spyware and rootkits.
  • Suited for PC and Mac.
  • Combines the power of 3 renowned anti-virus engines.
  • Even works when Windows or Mac won't run.
  • Automatic virus definition updates.
  • Clean-up operations are reversible.
  • Unlimited use on 3 PCs/Macs for 1 year.
  • Easily renewable after 1 year.
And all this for only € 59,-
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